Wednesday, June 03, 2009


So, this adorable stray has adopted my Mom. Turned out that the stray(now named Jezebel, and not much more than a kitten herself) was pregnant. And Mom, being almost as much a sucker for pathetic animals as I am(ok, fine, she's no where close to the sucker I am when it comes to animals, but moving on...) The babies ended up being born under Mom's bed.

Two tiny, soft little kittens who turn 2 weeks old tomorrow. Wren is seriously perplexed at why we would want to pay attention to these things when we could be paying attention to her, and Jezebel is suspicious of Wren's motives for investigating her babies.

Another fascinating day at home, har, har :P

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Persuaded said...

yay! for kittens!

and hurrah for mobile blogging☺