Monday, December 31, 2007

Post Christmas Christmas knitting

As this was my second Christmas knitting, and having learnt from my first Christmas knitting(planning to knit Christmas gifts for everyone in your family plus some of your friends when you only learned to knit in the last two days of October is a distinctly *bad* idea)

But, I survived, and this year was much less knit-o-centric. Two pairs of mittens for my Grandmother, and a Hufflepuff year 3&4 scarf for my sister, with the matching beret. But, alas, 6'8 of 1x1 rib is terribly boring. And it's also hard to knit something in secret when you spend so much time with the person.

So Christmas came...and went, with a beret and a partially finished scarf(the mittens were finished long before Christmas). It's currently at 4'6, and the finished scarf will be 6'8, plus fringe. For the yarnies amongst you, I'm using the pattern from "Charmed Knits", except I cast on 50 stitches instead of sixty-some(she wanted a narrower scarf). I'm using Encore Worsted (Colour 1382 for the yellow, and...whatever their black is. They only have one black). It's my first time using Encore. I have a good opinion of it as an acrylic blend. It feels nice and wooly and soft, and is pleasant to knit with, but I have found multiple knots in every skein I have wound so far. *sigh* Stupid knots. But if it turns out as sturdy as I've heard, I'll certainly knit with it again.

I went to my LYS and bought gorgeous new tempting yarn...but I'm not going to knit *anything* else until this is done...Wish me luck!!


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MammyT said...

Well it looks beautiful anyway. I had the same problem -- with the gift recipient in the house all the time. It was a lo-o-ong poncho. I'm planning to get a photo of it up on my blog next week since a lot of my friends wanted to see it. You're on the home stretch now!

alison said...

Hi there! Love the Hufflepuff scarf. My favorite house! :)