Saturday, December 29, 2007

Well, I suppose an introductory post is in order...

...seeing as how this is the first post on a new blog :-)

Hello, my name is Louisa. You'll never encounter another person like me, I promise!

Being previously a blogger on Xanga I found that the blogs I wanted to read were not usually on Xanga, and therefore the writers of the blogs I liked to read could not comment back to me. That and the fact that Xanga is mostly emo teens induced me to do the grown-up thing, and switch. So here I am!

I have an interest in all things Jane Austen(I'm so excited about the four months of Jane Austen on Masterpiece Theatre, hurrah!!), music (especially if Chris Thile is involved), good movies, randomness, funny things, cooking, and yarn(knitting, spinning and dying).

I live with my father and brother, Jake, who is 18 and has Down Syndrome. Also my dad's cat, Cat-Kirk, an exceedingly hyper dog, Atticus, and my precious kitty, Thesis. Plus a bird and some fish. And a spider plant. We all live in a house about an hour away from anything important, and far enough in the country that I'll be getting chickens this spring. My other siblings live with my mother mostly, Amelia, Miki and Noah, who are 17, 14 and 9, respectively.
I attend a small church, where I teach a children's Sunday School and help out with the Wednesday evening kids' program. I love it there. The people are truly amazing, and I adore the kids I get to work with. I also play mandolin in a stringed instruments group there, which consists of my mandolin, two guitars and three ukeleles

As a completely random closing statement, I do believe the only thing I'll miss from Xanga is the "currently listening" feature. Perhaps I shall need to add to the sidebar ;-)


Persuaded said...

YAY! I get to be the first to comment you!

Welcome to bloggy-land, it's nice to have you here:-)
yo mama

cate said...

You have got to tell me about the jane austen on PBS. What, where, and when? I have 3 kids and don't get out much. I need help to watch more 'quality' tv... when i get the chance!! Thanks girl and glad I found you!!! catie