Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Batts and Baking

Today I made peanut butter cookies....Wanna know how good I am? I didn't eat one bit of dough or cookie, until I sat down and had a planned cookie snack this afternoon. And none since. Oh yeah!

Some batts i ordered came in the mail today as well. Beautiful, lovely things. I ordered them from Etsy.

This is a colonial wool/bamboo blend in a colourway called "Grasshopper", purchased from Fibermonster. This is so soft it's practically nonexistent. I think it'll be turned into a small and basic sort of scarf, which will likely end up going with almost everything I own!!

This one's also from Fibermonster. A Colonial/BFL wool blend in "sunrise". I started spinning this one right away. I'm thinking maybe a beret.

This is from Enchanted Knoll Farm, the colour is mermaid(all the fibers are uber blended together) It's mostly wool, with some bamboo, silk, sari silk threads and angelina(sparkly bits). I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, and it is already destined for a certain finished object.

This is a sample that came with the above batt from Enchanted Knoll. I don't know it's composition, but it definetely has sari silk and angelina, and it seems pretty woolly. It's probably going to spin up into just enough yarn for a small knitted flower.


Kristin said...

yummy yummy yummy yummy!! :) all of it is yummy!

MammyT said...

Beeeyooteeful. I get the feeling that some of the photos are missing. I only see cookies and one yarn photo. Is that right?
I'm wondering how the cost of buying the wool compares to buying ready made yarn. I'm assuming that these would be available in a yarn as well. Also, I'm curious about the use of bamboo. I've been seeing it a lot. What can you tell me about it?
Thanks, kiddoo.
Love, Nancy

LBP said...

Yum, peanut butter cookies are my husbands favorite.

Your wool is beautiful.



MammyT said...

Louisa, Thank you so much for the info on the fibers. I can see the pics now. I love that last one with the silk. The texture will be awesome. I appreciate having such a fiber expert for my friend. I know I'll be calling upon you more and more.
I have so many projects going right now, I don't know what to work on next! But it's all good and it's all fun.
God bless you my dear one.
Hug your little mama for me once in a while.


Daisy mum said...

The fiber is beautiful