Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I love fiber....it's like magic! First you take some hair, wash and comb it, and add some colours, and it looks like this!
Then you pull and twist it, ad double it back on itself and you get this...All ready turned into something by waving a couple of sticks around! Well, I think it's magical.

Also, French revolution=Teh Interesting! It combines so many of my favourite historical things(Les Mis, Sharpe, Jane Austen) so i'm predisposed to like it, but after watching the Marie Antoinette movie(yes, I know it's not historically accurate) and a documentary on the French Revolution, I gotta say I'm almost as hooked as I am on Les Mis, Sharpe, or Jane Austen.

Though, you must be sure to notice the "almost" ;-)


nuttnbunny said...

Man, I better get my tushie to the post office or you're not going to need that practice fiber!!

Ally said...

you are precious.

i wish i was crafty. instead, i watch too much tv.

but i do love my jane austen. :)

MammyT said...

The French Revolution! Yes, what a time. Coinciding with so many other interesting changes all over the globe. Times and seasons. I thought I better see what you are up to. How is the big challenge goal coming? 20# ? I/ve lost 5. Not very quickly, but at least it's off! I've got Cab Calloway on my blog today. Come over and "squeee" awhile. The song is called "A Chicken Ain't Nothin' but a Bird". I love it!

Persuaded said...

updates.... have you ever heard of them?