Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Cables & Cheese rolls....

Because Wednesdays are for baking....

Cheese rolls are one of my own creations, something I thought of when we were going to have fruit and cheese and crackers for dinner, only we didn't have crackers! They've been very popular at home and church since. There's no exact recipe, but i'll share as close as I have to a recipe....

Follow your preferred bread recipe, adding a couple shakes of onion powder and garlic powder, and a quarter cup or so of Parmesan cheese(if the recipe is for one loaf. If it's for two or more, increase as appropriate) Also, double or triple the amount of oil used(more if you're brave! the more you use the better the texture of the rolls) . Don't use butter or won't impart the same texture. (if the recipe calls for butter or shortening, the same amounts of oil can, of course, be substituted) preheat oven to 350-ish(depending on how well done you like the outsides of your rolls)

Once the dough is done rising, cut it into sections and roll or flatten the first on the counter. spread it with a little butter, and sprinkle some garlic powder, onion powder, and whatever sorts of cheese you like. I usually use parmesan and sharp cheddar, and swiss and jack cheese, if they're around, You can also add whatever else appeals to you. At different times I've added diced onions, pressed garlic, bits of tomato. Whatever you like with cheese. It has occurred to me to add bits of ham, but I haven't yet(I'm vegetarian, so I'd need someone else to eat that batch!). Roll up the topped dough slab into a spiraly-tube thing. Grease some muffin tins(or a pan or cookie sheet, if you haven't any muffin tins) and cut the roll into sections of about an inch. Let them rest and rise a bit, and throw 'em in the oven till they're done(15-20 minutes-ish. I usually go by smell and sight more than the clock)

I've got a whole pike of them for church this evening, and wow, they smell great! They're awesome as a snack, or a light meal with salad or fruit...yummm!!

(as for the cables part....I've got the cast-on(crochet cast on, which takes forever, ick) and the set up row done on the fun begins!!)


MammyT said...

The rolls sound really good. I love breads and rolls. Too much for my own good.
Have fun with "Jeanie". That will be so pretty.
I'm about ready to tackle the Ice Queen. I want to finish my little loopy thing first. Thanks for your compliments on the projects I posted today. I loaned the muffatees to pastor's wife to try and she told me tonight she loved them. So, of course, I said, "They're yours!"
OOOOh. I wonder how they would be out of the same yarn as the IQ! I know where to get a pattern for the really lacy ones.
Tomorrow is Spinning Wheel Day. Can you stand it?

Persuaded said...

Yummmmmmmy..... cheese rolls!

To all of you legions of Louisa's readers... these rolls are so good! I remember once when Louisa brought brownies for Wed night snack (gooo-ey, rich, delish brownies) and one of the boys looked into the container, then up at me, crestfallen.

"I was praying they'd be cheese rolls," he said.

LoL, you know they're good when a 10yo boy prefers them to chocolate!