Monday, January 28, 2008

turn, turn, turn

Spinning, spinning, spinning.

I'm not good enough at spinning to spin without looking yet, so I listen to music while I spin. No surprise there. I'm a music addict and I have music on most of the time. usually it's my mp3 player on shuffle(A Dell Digital DJ at 5GB , a few over a thousand songs, which is unfortunately just a fraction of my CD collection) which produces some fairly interesting combinations. Ben Harper to Les Mis to Chris Thile to Nellie McKay. Kids' songs, to traditional, to experimental, to opera metal. I love music.

It's a good thing music and yarn don't have calories, or i'd be in trouble(day three of diet ing to lose the twenty pound for surgery. Doing good so far.) Spinning keeps my busy, and it's really, really addictive. Soon i'll be good enough to order some pretty and nice rovings(instead of the coarse stuff I got to practice on) And then I'll have yarn to make things with....ooooh boy!! That'll be really exciting!!

(BTW, I watched the last season of Black's Books today. It's a British comedy TV show. And it's brilliant. And hysterically funny. The only bad thing is that they've stopped making it!)


Persuaded said...

wow...spinning just may be the weight loss tool of the new millenia! btw, i finally got my refund, yay! and *you* are the first to know....except me...and, oh, yeah, the bank:-D

MammyT said...

"Opera metal"? I was right with you until you got to that one! Wow. You're really making yarn. That is so cool.