Thursday, January 24, 2008


I'm so proud of myself right now! I have actually produced real, usable, two-ply yarn on my wheel. Ohmigosh. Seriously. This is the coolest thing. I set the twist and took a picture, and the yarn is now comfortably drying over the heating vent. It's nice and soft yarn, too. Not overplied like I thought it would be. No idea what i'll do with it. We'll see!

My doctor's appointment went well. Very well. Actually, I suppose I should mention what I was going in for. I've been considering/researching/praying about the option of weight loss surgery for quite a while, so I took the plunge and went to see a bariatric surgeon. Well, it went well. Very well. I'm on the path to get gastric bypass surgery in several months, unless God closes the door(which I really hope he doesn't, but I'll accept it if He does)

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MammyT said...

Wow. And wow again. The yarn looks beeeyoootiful! How much did you actually come up with? Enough to really make something? I was sick over the weekend and didn't do anything on the ice queen or anything else.
Second wow! I have a friend who had the surgery - in fact, both she and her mother. It was a success for both of them. I will pray that God will show you definitely, loud and clear whether that door is open or not.