Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's spinning wheel day!!

It came!! *squeeeee*

There it is! (Amelia is in the background playing Guitar Hero. Excuse the mess. I was so excited I started taking pictures while all the packing material was still strewn about the living room)

And look!! Stuff resembling yarn! (sort of) But I haven't shown you the cool surprise my wheel had for me!

How awesome is that!!! I love it so much...I want it next to me all the time! It's "portable" but not portable enough to carry back and forth several times a week. *sigh*

Oh. I think she needs a name....any ideas?

(Now i'm going back to playing with my wheel!! Yay!!)

Oh yeah. She came with a lazy kate, 4 standard bobbins, a plying bobbin, head and flyer and a fast flyer. So many new toys!!


Persuaded said...

Oh, so very cool!

too bad it was made in Canada;-)

debbie said...

The wheel is beautiful. For a name how about Phaedra?

MammyT said...

You are so blessed. And I am so happy for you! I don't know who lazy kate is, and flying bobbins always make me nervous, but I'm sure they are all very cool and fun and useful. You can see right now that I've stayed away from the spinning end of the yarn continuum.
Have a wonderful time.
what is it about Canada?
Bajolet is a French Canadian name which is, I believe, pronounced like this: bah dzho lay', you know, that really soft j sound in the middle. Only one I can think of. Don't stay up all night!

rckidteacher said...

Very NICE!!! (she says with envy in her eyes!) LOL You are one lucky woman, keep us posted on your progress.

MammyT said...

Just dropped by to say that they got to me on the Ravelry List. I joined. Haven't had time to do anything else with it yet. Let me know how you are doing, girl.

Prairie Lady said...

ohhh awesome. I've thought about spinning