Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wednesdays are for baking...

So, on Wednesdays there's the mid week services at church. Bible studies for the grown-ups, and clubs for all the kids. One of the many, many things that is so very awesome about this church is how on Wednesday evenings, people from our church go to various places and pick kids up, kids who otherwise wouldn't have any chance to go to church at all. Most of them are kids from Mexican immigrant communities. The amount of kids coming in pretty much doubles the child population of the church, for the evening.
Wednesday evening I teach the middle-ish kids, 1st through 3rd grade. When I started three years ago, I was helping, and ended up baking snack for the kids. This expanded to become me baking for the church. Yep. after church I hang out in the church lobby providing calorie-laden snacks to everyone. Conveniently for me, they serve as my guinea pigs when I want to try a new recipe, or invent one.
Today it's brownies. Fudgy brownies with chocolate chunks in them. Mmmm. My preference is to eat them with warm with vanilla ice cream, but, as there's no ice cream in the house, I suppose i'll have to do without. Oh well :-)


Persuaded said...

Yummy! I am looking forward to these:-D

MammyT said...

I am not going to talk about sweets. So There!
Did you see the "Ice Queen" on Knitty. The mohair looks great. Is that the type of lace you were thinking about? I have made something similar (made it up) but it was knit with a sportweight and close stitching - mainly for warmth.

MammyT said...

Not on Ravelry -- yet. It looks great, so I added my name. Have you ever done anything like that lacy hood before (ice queen). I've never done anything that delicate, but would love to try. I think I'm a bit "heavy-handed".

cate said...

Found you! Yes!!!! Thanks for visiting my blog. Catie