Monday, January 14, 2008

Simple treasures....

Sorry for the lack-of-updates...I've been playing with my spinning wheel(still haven't gotten any usable yarn, but I'm getting there)and starting and ripping out several dozen possible patterns for the Noro Silver Thaw I have(50%wool, 25%angora, 25%nylon) the colours are stunning....greens and purple, with occasional bits of pink. Oh, be still my heart!! If I get too frustrated trying to find the perfect pattern, I have also three skeins of a heathery rose pink 100% llama, and some bulky forest green alpaca(which is intended for some wristwarmers for my doctor, who is more like an uncle, really. Hence the random handknits.)

*cough* lack of visible fibery progress aside, I had my first knitting class on Friday, and it went beautifully. eight girls and one boy. After the first fifteen minutes everyone had pretty much caught on and there was nothing else for me to do! But the fun part will come when the knitting is done and we dye and felt!! I'm very excited!

I also had my first real Sunday School class this week.(I feel like a real Sunday School teacher now. Know why? Dude, i've got flannelgraphs!!) My class is adorable. Two boys, both 5, and a 3yo girl. All are exceptionally well-behaved and really freakin' CUTE! I love everything about this!

Lastly, look! Want to know why this roughly cut, crayoned block is the picture of the day? Well, the little girl in my Sunday School class made it for me. She coloured it in my favourite colour(purple) and hers(pink) and wrapped it up to give to me yesterday. Oh gosh, I feel so special now!!

Well, maybe that wasn't quite lastly....Phase two of the surpise is starting *squeeee* This is all very exciting!!

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MammyT said...

You didn't show the NOro Silver Thaw, did you? How is Jeanne coming along? What pattern are you using for the wrist warmers? Are they muffatees? And what is all the *squee*ing about now? You are full of surprises. Great modeling job on your mom's site, btw.