Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Getting it done...

Today was a day of accomplishments and semi accomplishments. I did the finishing work on my calorimetry, and got everything ready for my knitting class(10 pairs of needles, 10 skeins of yarn, 10 sets of instructions, 10 class guides, and one class list. I only have 9 kids, but I like having an extra set of things). I started (and ended up frogging) seven different stitch patterns for the Noro Blossom scarf. I can't seem to find one that lives up to the awesomeness of the yarn. I think i'll try to dredge up a couple more balls online so I can make the Bloom shawl, which is gorgeous.

Admitting defeat on the Noro scarf, I decided to move on to the gorgeous Jeanie. I bought some heathered fingering weight wool from Knitpicks before Christmas, intending to use it for Jeanie. It's blue with a kind of jungle green and a bit of red, too. Very pretty. I intended to begin it this evening, but Amelia came over and wanted to play Guitar Hero, so that's what we did. I'm not much of a video game player. I can't stand violence for violence's sake, but I have nothing against the myriad of nonviolent video games that exist. I play them socially, but I don't find them fun at all as a solitary activity. I am also legendarily bad at them. But even I managed to get to international fame on Guitar Hero 3 (Though I must say i prefer the songs on 1 & 2)

Now, how about musician themed guitar Heros? I want a Cab Calloway version!!

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MammyT said...

Cab Calloway! You're a nut! I have thought that thet should put out a CCM version. I'm sure it would be a good seller. You were born to late. I like them both shawls, but I think I like the bloom the best. I like the shape of it. (I'm still not started on the Ice Queen. Have to work up my courage for it, I guess.)
Still looping along. Almost done.