Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I'm totally cheating today.

Instead of actually baking for church this evening , I made rice krispie treats yesterday.

I have to go to the Doctor today and I shan't have time to bake.

not my regular Doctor. A different one.

Don't worry. nothing alarming is going on, but I am rather nervous, so your prayers and/or good thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

(I'm bringing the Noro feather&Fan scarf with me...simple enough to be mindless, but complex enough to stay interesting)


MammyT said...

God bless you dear and may the doctor's visit be a good one. I love the pattern you are talking about. I totally understand, too, about complex enough to be boring! Sometimes I make a band of something else just to preserve my sanity, when I have a particularly simple pattern going on.

Persuaded said...

best wishes my dear one:-)

cate said...

Those look delicious! Can I have one? Too bad I am doing Weight Watchers, aaarrrrgggghhhh Gotta shake the baby weight SOMEHOW!

I dropped my blog but you can still find me on ravelry. Maybe someday I'll blog again. So glad to have found you. Blessings, catie

MammyT said...

I am starting the Ice Queen with great trepidation. I've never used a chart like this before. Haven't even decided whether to go with the beads or not. Anyway, I might need heeellllpppp! Can I call upon you if I need it?