Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Same thing again

So. Yeah.

Today was, like most other days recently, a knitting and spinning day. I spun two bobbins of singles, and i'll ply them tomorrow. I started a pair of wristwarmers from the chunky alpaca, and deemed the alpaca too delicate, unfortunately. Really, I'm slightly sensitive to alpaca(when it's up against my neck it makes me itch) but this stuff felt so wonderful to knit with. It doesn't have the "give" required of wristwarmers, though, so this weekend it's back to the yarn store to find something more suitable.

I got this far on the Noro Silver Thaw scarf. It's a feather & fan lace pattern, and I am loving it. It's interesting enough so that it's not boring to knit, but simple enough to knit mindlessly. It's also impressive looking, but not so visually complicated that it takes away from the Noro.

In lieu of the wristwarmers as a(nother) current project, I started Noah's Mittens. Here they are.

What are Noah's Mittens, you ask? Well, he asked me a while ago to make him "really tough" mittens. Mittens that could withstand a day of snowballs and fort building and being pulled on and off with teeth, mittens that would keep his hands very warm. Mittens that would be able to keep up with the kind of things a 9yo boy does outside, but still be thin and flexible enough to allow for a full range of hand movement. Can such a pair of mittens be hand-knit? We shall see :-) I'm using Paton's Classic Merino, in a colour that is supposed to look like camouflage when knit up(to go with his Camo hat, of course!)


Ally said...
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Ally said...

alpaca is a funny word.

Persuaded said...

Our "tough guy" will be adorable in these mittens! Mama can't wait for them either;-)